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Johnny Depp Is a Guest Star in Paul McCartney’s ‘Early Days’ Music Video

A trendy new music clip for Paul McCartney’s “Early Days” shows a famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp participating in it as a guest star.

The music video presents McCartney who is playing the guitar alone, but little by little blues guitarists among them you can see Johnny Depp surround him. Patti Smith was at the film set, but she didn’t participate in the music video.

Vincent Haycock, who is a director of the clip, designed it as a tribute to the early relationships between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. This music video reflects the real scenes told by McCartney.

Top CDs for Relaxation

Music is proved to be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to stress relief. Here, we’ve included names of several great CDs listening to which will help you relax and get in touch with your feelings.

1. In My Time


This is probably one of the best tension-soothing CDs out there. All the songs are played just beautifully. The main musical instrument is the piano, plus some orchestral backup, and there aren’t any vocals. You can easily use this music when you want to boost your drive to work. For example, by listening to the tracks on this CD you can transform your usually tiresome commute into an incredibly pleasant experience.

Folk Music: 3 Great Summer Albums

1. Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar: The Call

It always becomes a problem for performers to transfer the mesmerizing effect of a live performance into a studio. But the original abundance of fiddle (Ciaran Algar) and acoustic guitar (Greg Russell) illuminates The Call. The first sounds show that the duo have solved this problem. Starting with 2012 when the debut album entitled The Queen’s Lover was released, Algar and Russell have received the BBC Young Folk Award and now their second album presents a growing depth of their creativity. The wonderful musicianship of The Call is due to properly chosen songs.

Backstreet Boys Are Creating a Documentary

Backstreet Boys strive to use various opportunities for creating a documentary. The group united for recording the last year’s album “In A World Like This” and succeeding world tour aimed at its support. You can watch it here.

Kevin Richardson tells that the group have been filmed under the recording of the album, the rehearsals for their world tour, while being on the road. It is some kind of the record that shows their story, the way they united, their ups and downs and scrapes that they’ve been on. The documentary is approximately entitled “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, after one of the songs from their latest album, more information about its release will be provided later this summer.

3 Bright Young Performers

Their names are not simple household names…these three music makers who create great music of diverse genres are aimed at declaring themselves this year.

John Newman

Having reached the top of the U.K. singles chart in 2012 in collaboration with Rudimental, the British soul performer John Newman released his gorgeous debut song “Love Me Again,” which occupied the top of most famous singles chart in 2013. Now Newman is preparing for a stateside upheaval. The first step in this direction was made after the release of his full-length LP entitled “Tribute” which was in great demand among U.S. retailers. The markers of his success are his participation in various headlining shows in US.

The Hottest Music Videos that Were Released Last Week

FKA twigs has presented her first studio single from the imminent album “LP1” – a surging R&B song under the title “Two Weeks”.

The music video, directed by Nabil, presents actually one pan-out scene. The action takes place in an ancient temple. Twings is depicted as some kind of a goddess, with what looks like a royal crown on her head. The beginning of the clip shows a close-up of twings’ face, gradually revealing a group of surrounding dancers.

After the performer’s pair of acknowledged introductory EPs, the song “Two Weeks” becomes a truly persuasive statement. Being an extension of her early music material, this song is more beat-driven, particularly in the final part.

Jay Z and Beyonce Show Never-before-seen Home Videos at Their Concerts

The sweet couple Beyonce and Jay Z have recently kicked off the highly anticipated tour called On the Run. The first show was held in Miami Gardens’ Sun Life Stadium.

The Caters performed on the place where their star-studded promo video for the show left off. The stars looked very attractive and seductive. Beyonce decided to flaunt her curves in all-black crystal-embossed fishnet suit and put a matching mask on her face, her dear husband rocked shades, beanie, T combo and tux.

Songs For The World Cup 2014

The most expected world sport event, the World Cup, started in Brazil on June 12, 2014 and will last till July 13, 2014. The most anticipating sport holiday is accompanied by official songs which will sound during the competition. They were collected in the compilation that got the title One Love, One Rhythm and became an official soundtrack for the World Cup. Here are 5 brightest world cup singles:

Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte – “We Are One (Ole Ola)

5 Great Summer Songs of All Times

Summer songs are the soundtracks for fun on hot summer days. 5 of the greatest summer pop hits that remind of sun, sea, sand are collected here. Any of these songs will become the basis of your summer playlist.

Summer Nights” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John  (1978)

What is summer? Surely, it is a summer love affair and chitchatting about it with close friends. The classic soundtrack “Summer Nights” by Grease is an example of the ingenious Broadway musical. In summer 1978 this single broke into American top 5 and was hit #1 in Britain for seven weeks.

Top 5 Pop Music Clips

Five most popular music videos for today are collected here. Watch them to understand the state of art and what is popular among pop fans.

 ”Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

The music video “Love Never Felt So Good” is an honor to Michael Jackson’s everlasting legacy. The work on this clip was conducted by director Rich Lee and it contains 16 parts from various music videos created by Michael Jackson throughout his career. Justin Timberlake and modern dancers present the most popular Michael Jackson’s moves.

La La La (Brasil 2014)” by Shakira