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Iggy Azalea Has Announced the Release of Her Second Album ‘Reclassified’

Iggy Azalea’s latest album under the title ‘Reclassified’ will be released on 24th November, on Monday. It contains 7 songs from her first album called ‘The New Classic’ and 5 new singles. Those who pre-order ‘Reclassified’ will get Azalea’s new single ‘Iggy SZN’ free of charge. The international rap star has travelled across the globe after her debut album under the title ‘The New Classic’ had been released earlier this year, simultaneously exploding airwaves with contagious hit tracks such as ‘Fancy ft. Charli XCX’ as well as her dance floor hit ‘Work’.

Joni Mitchell Releases a Four-Disc Set ‘Love Has Many Faces’

Joni Mitchell releases a four-disc set entitled ‘LOVE HAS MANY FACES: A QUARTET, A BALLET, WAITING TO BE DANCED’ that was initially created as the music for ballet about love. Though after 18 months spent on attempts to refine everything Joni had composed about love and the shortage of it for a single disc, the powerful songstress/songwriter refused from this idea.

Undismayed, Mitchell didn’t surrender. Instead, she went on to sequence her works, determined to demonstrate to herself that what she was after was achievable. After two years, the woman had made a four-disc ballet that consists of 53 songs.

Essential Rock Albums by Women that Shaped the 90’s

The 90’s were a wonderful time for female singers. There were entire festivals organized that drew massive audiences, and everyone was coming to see women rock stars. We still remember these ferocious performers on an intimate first-name basis: Alanis, Fiona, Courtney… Their music output is among our top recommendations for the essential female artist rock albums from the 90’s.

Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette

Selena Gomez Wants to Have ‘Love Affair’ in New York

Justin Bieber, you should better watch out! New York City may steal your girlfriend Selena Gomez. In her new interview the pretty songstress revealed that she wanted to move to New York City and have there a new ‘love affair’. The clock is ticking, Justin, you’ve just got dissed.

22-year-old Selena Gomez currently lives if Los Angeles. But she is thinking about packing all her belongings and moving to New York City forever. Her friend Taylor Swift, who is 24 now, would surely love to see Selena there. Well, Selena may just wish to change something in her private life, and it would be easier for her to start a new life in another city. So, Justin, be attentive if you want your girlfriend back – Selena said she was going to have new “love affair” in NYC!

David Guetta Is Preparing to Present His New Album “Listen”

On November 21 David Guetta is going to release his latest album “Listen”. Characterized by a plurality of exclusive new material as well as an eclectic variety of collaborations, “Listen” will doubtlessly reach the prominent success of his platinum selling album entitled “Nothing But the Beat” released in 2011. The album was #1 on the ARIA Dance Album chart and #3 on the ARIA Album chart. Moreover, this album has brought Guetta numerous awards, among which are AMA , Grammy, and was credited as altering the landscape of electronic music internationally.

Jessie J – ‘Burnin’ Up’ (Feat. 2 Chainz). Single Review

Jessie J, a pop songwriter and songstress from the UK, has been working incessantly to present some new music to her devoted fans and the world in general. Last week was a year anniversary of her 2nd studio album entitled “Alive”, and trying to express her special treatment Jessie has announced the release date of her third studio album “Sweet Talker” – October 13th. The performer has been celebrating a chart topping single ‘Bang Bang’, that is a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande; the next song destined to make you involved with the album is ‘Burnin’ Up’.

New Album by Funeral for a Friend Will Be Soon Released

On January 19, 2015 Funeral for a Friend, a popular rock band from Wales, will release its latest work ‘Chapter and Verse’. The first song from the record that was presented to the public is ‘You’ve Got a Bad Case of the Religions’. Its premiere took place on Daniel P Carter’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show on September 29. In reference to the song, Matthew Davies-Kreye, the band’s vocalist says that people should never trust something they can’t see with their own eyes. The band is aimed at touring their new record after its release planned for January performing eight headline dates in the UK.

Top Courtney Love Songs

Forget the tabloids – Courtney Love is an impressively talented singer, in spite of everything that’s said about her in the press. Her collection of music records over decades of work is extensive, and millions of people recognize the performer’s bold singing style with her tough-cookie lyrics and signature scream. Courtney has been idolized by young women for years, because she’s an unconventional hero they can look up to. Love was a real deal, especially with regard to singing her pain. Let’s review the best songs by Courtney.

1. Awful

Top Peter Gabriel Singles from the 80-ies

Peter Gabriel’s artistic merit as a singer, performer, songwriter, and just an all-around genius can’t be argued in the music circles – everybody knows his name and respects him. So, today, let’s take a look at the songs that got him so much praise from critics. Of all his fantastic singles released in the 80-ies, here are the top ones:

Games Without Frontiers

Alex and Sierra Have Announced the Release Date of Their First Album “It’s about Us”

The release date of Alex and Sierra’s first album “It’s about Us” has recently been announced. The record will appear on the October 17th and will be available through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. The extremely expected album produced by The X Factor USA winners, can be pre-ordered now. In addition, those people who pre-order Alex and Sierra’s album on iTunes will get an immediate grat of the leading single “Scarecrow”. The industrious duo collaborated with numerous famous songwriters and producers while creating their debut album, including John Legend, Julian Bunetta (One Direction), Toby Gad (Beyoncé), and Sam Hollander .