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‘Come Back To Me’ by HollySiz. Review

French actress Cécile Cassel, whose stage name is HollySiz, has decided to take a step away from her thriving film career in order to start her singing. Her first EP entitled ‘Come Back To Me’ is now on people’s radars as well as her music video is collecting millions of views. Nevertheless, with her debut album expected to be released in 2015, it’ll be very intriguing to see whether the attitude and style HollySiz so clearly shows in her music clips carries across in her music alone.

NE-YO Releases New Album ‘Non-Fiction’

NE-YO, a superstar, hitmaker, is back with a new album entitled ‘Non-Fiction’, the release of which is set on January 27, 2015 in the US through Motown Records/Compound Entertainment. Though worldwide the album will be released on February 16th. ‘Non-Fiction’ presents NE-YO’s collaborations with several most gifted names in music nowadays. Single ‘She Knows’ features Juicy J and was produced by pop expert Dr. Luke (Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry). Billboard greeted the single as ‘hard-hitting and spare’ while Complex hailed the ‘traditional R&B style’ of it. Among other featured performers are David Guetta, Charisse Mills, Candice, T.I., Schoolboy Q, and Jeezy. NE-YO’s latest collaboration with Pitbull under the title ‘Time of Our Lives’ appears on both Pitbull’s latest album and ‘Non-Fiction’.

Brandi Carlile Reveals the Details of Her Forthcoming Album

Being born in the rural area outside Seattle, Carlile had spend her teen years busking at the widely-known Pike Place Market till she managed to hook up with “The Twins”, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, who are her longtime collaborators nowadays. Since then Brandi has toured with Ray Lamontagne and The Avett Brothers, participated in major festival around the globe, made records with such uber-producers as Rick Rubin and T Bone Burnett as well as gathered numerous passionate fans including Sheryl Crow, Graham Nash and Elton John, who performed with Carlile on her latest album.

EP Review. Halsey – ‘Room 93’

Ashley Frangipane, who’s better known as Halsey, has been creating her fan base outside New Jersey, that is the performer’s hometown, after her breakthrough track ‘Ghost’ was released. Moreover, ‘Ghost’ is one of five singles featured on Halsey’s latest EP entitled ‘Room 93’. The most interesting thing about this EP is that four singles from it are accompanied by video clips to provide some visual stimuli, that is frequently necessary to sell music to the audience by offering them some imagery. Halsey is trying to take the scene by storm, that’s what you should expect from her ‘Room 93’.

Covers that Are Better than the Original Songs

Cover songs are extremely popular in the rock‘n’roll world – there’s just something very appealing for artists in the idea of basically stealing away their favorite hits to record them in their own way, with a personal touch. Because this process doesn’t involve much creation of new lyrics, recording covers often carried a somewhat negative connotation. That’s because it was considered to be easier than writing a song from scratch, so the artists who recorded cover songs were labeled less talented than those who wrote their own compositions. However when it got noticed in the music industry that covers at times turned out to be even better than the originals, negativity subsided.

Greatest Rock Songs of All Time

Here’s a list of top picks for best rock song of all time. In the chart, you’ll see such familiar names, like Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd. These are the songs that are absolutely timeless – many of them were first released decades ago, and they’re still enjoyed not just by devoted rockers, but generally by music lovers.

1) Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin

There can only be one greatest rock hit in history, right? While there are tons of fantastic songs in the genre, Stairway to Heaven seems to really stand out with its unforgettable guitar solo. This track from Led Zeppelin’s fourth official album blew fans’ minds by a crazy 8-minutes-long mix of pretty much every single rock sub-genre in existence.

Ariana Grande Delivers Holiday Track ‘Santa Tell Me’

Ariana Grande has presented her brand new holiday track under the title ‘Santa Tell Me’. The single is available on diverse digital partners. Moreover, ‘Santa Tell Me’ shows up as the only fresh single on the compilation called ‘Target Presents iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Hits 2014’.

Ariana brightened up the stage of the 2014 American Music Awards that was held in Los Angeles. She started her performance with a sizzling mélange of hits, among which were ‘Break Free’, ‘Problem’, and ‘Love Me Harder’ feat. The Weekend. Later Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, Grande’s ‘Bang Bang’ collaborators joined her to render this stunning platinum-certified smash. Ariana’s performance in Los Angeles is one of numerous high-profile shows this month.

Jennifer Lopez Messes up Her Speech at Hollywood Film Awards

The Hollywood Film Awards is usually not a very fun event – you won’t hear a lot of jokes from big-shot actors in black and white and actresses in fancy long dresses. But this year, Jennifer Lopez broke the traditional dryness of the ceremony by screwing up her own speech.

Single Review. Magic! – ‘Let Your Hair Down’

While ‘reggae’ and ‘Canadian’ aren’t the words that would be momentarily connected with one another, they have found something in common in the four-piece band called MAGIC! This quartet, the front man of which is Nasri Atweh, who gained success as a member of the Grammy Award-wining production and song writing duo called The Messengers, have ridden the viral, unanticipated success of their debut track ‘Rude’ from the band’s first studio album under the title ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’. Considered as Canada’s analogue to British The Police, the Canadian band have released the track ‘Let Your Hair Down’, the third song from the album.

Gregg Allman Is Ready to Set off on a Solo Tour

The Allman Brothers Band, a rock long-liver, have just finished the legendary final shows that they will ever play, everybody would consider that Gregg Allman, the band’s icon leader, would want to take a pause, and relax. Instead, he’s announced a solo tour that will kick off on December 31st. This festive show that is set on New Year’s Eve will please its listeners at Atlanta’s Symphony Hall. January 17th is the last Allman’s tour date that will take place in Savannah, GA.